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Ideal for families

One beach for two kinds of people

Batsi beach is large and has enough space for all its visitors. You will always find a place to sit and you will never feel suffocated by the crowds. The waters are calm and the sea is not deep. For this reason, Batsi beach is a very popular destination for families as well.


The very shallow waters, combined with the calm sea, will give you the opportunity to relax without worrying about your children. The are many tamarisk trees on the sandy beach, so there is plenty of shade for everyone, especially if you combine it with the shade of your umbrella. In general, the beach is protected from the winds. Despite that the beach is organized, its naturalness remains unchanged, thus maintaining its Cycladic, element.

The wonderful thing about Batsi beach is that it has a different "character" in the morning and a different one at night. During the day it is a popular destination for families and children, but at night is ideal for younger people and couples. The music and lights coming from the village create an incredible atmosphere that has to be experienced at least once in your life. Night swimming is also very popular, as the waters are not dangerous at all and the lights from Batsi create incredible effects in the seawater.

BATSI, Andros

The enchanting hiking trails

The hiking trails of Andros are known throughout Greece. The network of paths is very rich and several years ago, they were of vital importance for the inhabitants. The trails connected the settlements with each other and with the ports so that they could be easily refueled. From the early 1950s however, the car began to become the main means of transport and the use of the trails began to be restricted.

However, Andros, even today, continues to have a very large network of hiking trails with a total length. exceeding 300 km. with about 150 km. being accessible. Volunteers are also very important for the existence of the trails, as they take care of their condition. At, there are ongoing actions for the care and protection of the trails of Andros, as they are considered cultural heritage. In addition, the trails have European Certification, inspiring safety and security for a unique experience.

Close to Blue Era Apartments, you will find the wonderful trails 11 and 16. Trail 11 in Andros connects Batsi with Katakilos, Ano Katakilos and Arni. It is a magnificent route that ends in the beautiful village of Arni. Trail 16, connects Ano Agios Petros, Moni Agiaw and Batsi. It is an equally beautiful trail, worth experiencing during your holiday in Andro.

The long history of the area

On the other hand, Batsi also has a great history. Moni of Zoodochos Pigi is the largest and most important monastery of Andros and you will find it between Batsi and Gavrio. Until 1928 it was a monastery exclusively for monks, but since then it has been converted into a women's monastery. The monastery has a Byzantine style and also has a huge library of manuscripts and historical books. You will also find a wonderful museum with rare exhibits such as holy vestments and prehistoric tools.

The discovery of the archaeological site of Ipsilis was made in the early 1980s and is one of the most important early Iron Age fortifications in South Aegean. The first excavations have revealed important ancient remains, but also many important mobile finds. They have provided valuable discoveries both for the Geometric and ancient civilization of Andros and for the wider history of the Aegean Sea.

Blue Era Apartments will take your next holiday to another dimension, because they are located next to Batsi beach and very close to all the important archaeological findings. 

Batsi will fascinate you

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